Shop Grrls

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Part of this World

I am Ruby Dragon... Dragon as I will be known here. I have the pleasure of sharing my hobby with two beautiful ladies, Squirrel and Butterfly. I'm a workaholic... almost always doing something. Hence, my hobby of chainmaille. It gives me something to keep my hands busy and my mind creative.

Conventions is step one to making it to our goal of owning a shop. Our next step is more and bigger conventions. Small steps... to make sure we are doing this right.

The main focus is to share our joy and imagination with the world through our work... and to have fun doing it... no matter how big or how small.

We enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new things. We enjoy infecting people with fun and laughter. Welcome to our world.

My Little Part

I'm Butterfly, addicted to the sweets of life with never enough time to smell all the roses. Never constant, I'm easily distracted and often spacy. However, there is very little that brings me more pleasure than my beads. As impatient as I am in all other areas of life, I can sit for hours with my tiny beads and thread, and all because at the end I have something beautiful to show for my time not wasted.

I've been doing conventions with Dragon and Squirrel for a while now, and for the most part I was a voyeur to whatever was going on around me and my beads. But I have enjoyed it, because there are some interesting people and situations to watch. But now I'm more committed to experiencing and being more involved, and I look forward to seeing where this goes.

This is the beginning, the beginning of our story

Woo! Shop Critters is online! I guess we should start by introducing ourselves. Or I could just start by introducing the others. Or I could start with me. Whatever.

I'm Squirrel. In the sense that this whole mess was originally my dream, I'm the boss. Except, not really. Dragon and Butterfly are just as much in this for the long haul as I am. As I often say at conventions, we are three sole proprietorships pretending to be a limited partnership. Someday, I want that "pretending" part to be real.

What we really are is three young women who have a dream. Someday, we want to own our own shop. And in that shop, we want to be able to sell all of the fabulous and wonderful things that we and our numerous crafty friends make. In the meantime, we are attending conventions all over the country, getting our business together one step at a time, and occasionally even having fun doing it.

So why are we here? Well, for one thing, we've all got tons of stories from the conventions we go to. And I for one want to have a record someday of those stories. For another, I want us to be able to share with each other and our friends the sorts of things that go on at these conventions. And finally, while we all have personal blogs in other places, I wanted to create a place where we would have at least a little annonymity. After all, it's easier to be funny when you don't have to worry about people getting cheesed off at you for saying them.